Tuition, Housing, and Finances

Brooklyn College’s tuition and fees compare favorably with most private university programs, and class sizes are small. Students are expected to pay tuition for four academic semesters (Fall, Spring, Fall, Spring), one summer course (after year 1), and two January courses (in years 1 and 2). First-year students may apply for financial aid but are usually not eligible to apply for scholarships. Occasionally a small amount of additional aid funds are available through the Psychology Department. In previous years, approximately six MHC students have received aid grants of approximately $500–$800 each.

Work Opportunities

While it may be possible to work on a part-time basis during the first year, it is not advisable to do so. It is virtually impossible to do so during the second, with its twenty-hour per week internship, plus coursework and comprehensive examination. Occasionally we offer a small number of part-time clerical support staff positions through the Personal Counseling Program or Psychology Department offices. These positions generally pay approximately $12 per hour.

Housing Information

Brooklyn College currently has one residence hall at 1 Kenilworth, which provides residential living for Brooklyn College students. Please visit the Student Life and Housing website for all relevant information.

Students who need housing should plan their arrival in New York to allow sufficient time before classes begin in order to arrange housing. Low-cost housing in New York City can sometimes take considerable time to locate. The College provides housing information for the convenience of its students. Housing arrangements, however, are the exclusive responsibility of the student.

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Director: Gregory A. Kuhlman, Ph.D. · Deputy Director: Prof. Rona Miles · Admissions Coordinator: Prof. Rebecca Chalmers